Going outside to look inward: A naturalist’s experience with nature therapy


Imagine getting a prescription but instead of a medication it says ‘sunshine and fresh air.’

Ayolane Halusky is the naturalist for the St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Department and he thinks that everyone could benefit from more time outside, connecting with nature.


Hot and cold: Trying to talk climate change 

Photo taken by: Tracey Eaton

Photo taken by: Tracey Eaton

When discussing climate change with someone whose beliefs are the opposite of yours, it’s easy to dismiss all of their arguments and everything they say because you’ve already decided that you don’t agree with them. You’re focused on your arguments and how to prove them wrong when they’re focused on the same thing. You don’t listen to each other, someone starts yelling and what could have been a productive discussion falls flat.

Author of Lincolnville book reflects on changes

Rosamond Parrish is the author of the only current book on Lincolnville, an area of St. Augustine that was the heart of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The book is titled, “Lincolnville, A Sketchbook Journal”. The first edition of Parrish’s book has sold out and the second edition is coming out in January.

The backyard difference: How small-scale beekeeping could save the population

Marilyn Young, Jacksonville beekeeper, stands next to one of her hives. 

Marilyn Young, Jacksonville beekeeper, stands next to one of her hives. 

“What mood are the bees in today?” This is what Marilyn Young, a Jacksonville beekeeper and owner of Lark Bee Company, asks herself often when she checks on her hives.

During the week, she is a lawyer and practices with her husband, Mark. On weekends she is a beekeeper and teaches beekeeping classes, excited about the increase in private beekeepers in the past few years.

North Florida Builds First LEED Tiny House

Photo courtesy of Jenni Edwards

Photo courtesy of Jenni Edwards

The project began one day when Annie Murphy of Eco Relics and Sarah Boren of the Northeast Florida Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council were having lunch. Murphy suggested the idea to Boren and they were told to then contact Jenni Edwards, who is the owner and founder of Norsk Tiny Houses, who designs and builds tiny houses in Northeast Florida. Jenni was suggested to them not only because she’s the owner of a company that builds tiny houses, but also because she herself lives in a tiny house and is passionate about the tiny house community.

Living Compassionately for Sustainability


In light of recent news of the US leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, compassion towards each other and our environment is more important now than ever. In order to live a compassionate life, one must change the way they think. Look at the world around you through rose-colored glasses. Feel the gratitude circulate like blood, feel it in your fingers.

The Devil Wears Consignment

Photo by Julie Householder

Photo by Julie Householder

‘Fast fashion’ has taken the industry by storm. The fashion industry used to have four seasons; now there are 52, a new season for each week of the year. Ethical fashion is the idea of getting clothes from companies that do not exploit workers in other countries with unfit conditions and purchasing clothes that are as safe for the environment as possible.

Clutter Drive Creativity


My favorite thing about the start of a new school year is getting to buy all new school supplies and arranging my desk just the way I want it. It’s a far cry from what I dreaded about the close of the fall semester: The thought of having to go through all the things that hid my desk. I had to ask myself, what happened between then and now? What phenomenons swallowed my nice neat desk? Life happened.

If I had nothing to do, there’d be nothing on this desk. My desk reflects how busy I am—the clutter of my mind.
— Gabrielle Garay